T.O.M. bv believes in combining different purchasing and sales channels. Employing this strategy results in the strengthening of the various divisions within the company. This makes T.O.M. bv more than just a retailer: we are also a wholesaler and supplier for shops and online stores in 27 European countries. Both in our six online shops and the physical shop, we stock and sell the complete range of products. We also collaborate with cooperative partners, which ensures that we can reach millions of potential customers every day. You can read more about that later in this leaflet. The company organisational chart below shows how the divisions of T.O.M. bv are organised.

Long tail product range

T.O.M. bv has the benefit of its own distribution centre, containing stocks of long tail ranges. By focusing on niche markets, we can put together long tail ranges and meet the demand for very specific brands and product types. Therefore, instead of just buying some items from our suppliers, we buy their whole range. At T.O.M. bv, we carry stock of no less than 50,000 products, which puts us in a unique position. With a logistics distribution centre of 19,000 m³ we control and manage our own stock, can link up fast with our suppliers and react quickly to market trends. It also offers us the opportunity to deliver orders to the consumer within 24 hours.


Within T.O.M. bv, automation is the guiding thread. Daily we work hard on improving all our business processes in order to achieve maximum efficiency. The automation process has been implemented widely throughout T.O.M. bv and this is evident, for instance, in our automated distribution department. This results in an error and shortage margin of just 0.5%. This is achieved by means of our automation of ordering and stock status, as well as our completely automated location and stock systems. Contact with our suppliers, where possible, is also achieved by automatic means. Product information and prices are delivered through an API interface. This gives you a quick overview of the products we order and allows us to place them in the online shop immediately after delivery to us. In addition, the administrative department makes use of an automated accounts system. This is completely integrated into the purchasing, sales, and e-commerce systems, which enables us to maintain short credit lines. This complete automation within the business management means that T.O.M. bv is able to work effectively and efficiently, and can connect quickly with suppliers and customers.

Collaborative partners

T.O.M. bv has a large number of cooperative partners. The long tail range offered by T.O.M. bv is available in no fewer than 27 countries through the use of well-known online platforms. In this way, T.O.M. bv maintains partnerships with among others Bol.com, Amazon, Marktplaats, Speurders, Bart Smit, Blokker, Cook & Co, Intertoys, Leenbakker and Metro Group. And this works great! The combination of own websites and cooperative partnerships means that potentially millions of people can be reached every day.


T.O.M. bv consists of seven departments, with professionals in the various disciplines. All these departments work closely together, which means it is possible to react fast to the changing e-commerce market and to implement both small and large changes immediately.

  • Purchasing department
  • Marketing department
  • E-commerce development department
  • Content department
  • Design department
  • Sales department
  • After-sales department