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TOM is a family company pur sang, with a heart for the business and with a heart for the people. At TOM, every employee is equal, with or without an employment challenge. In 2014, we proudly took second place during the BESO elections for ‘Brabant employer with a social heart’. BESO Expertise Centre strives for as many employers as possible working according to inclusive employership: hiring people with work according to ability, such as people on social assistance, the work disabled and the long-term unemployed. In addition, CEO Tom te Riele was appointed Ambassador of Brabant’s Best in 2016, 2017 and 2018. The ambassadors of Brabant’s Best are appointed by the province of Noord-Brabant because of their innovative employership. They excel in the way in which they deploy their employees in an innovative way and utilize the potential of the Brabant workforce. TOM has implemented inclusive employership throughout the company philosophy and in the DNA of the entire organization by offering people with a distance to the labour market a career within the company while maintaining professionalism and quality of all processes.