Tom Omnichannel Management

for short, the omnichannel company in the Netherlands.

The rapidly changing retail and e-commerce landscape requires a ground-breaking approach to the marketing of your products. With seven webshops, one physical store and collaborations with renowned online marketplaces, TOM reaches millions of potential customers per day. In this brochure, you can read about the innovative and progressive way we do that.


An introduction

We are Tom Omnichannel Management, TOM for short, the omnichannel company in the Netherlands. For more than 12.5 years, we have been active in the field of bicycles, bicycle parts and accessories, toys, sports equipment, casual clothing, club merchandise and car accessories. At TOM, we combine physical and online sales into one dominant omnichannel philosophy and operations. Because we combine all possible offline and online channels, they reinforce and support each other. This allows you to benefit from all the possibilities in the area of retail and e-commerce. Thanks to this method, TOM has been one of the fastest-growing companies in the Netherlands since it was founded in 2005.

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