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Curious about what we can do for you as an organization? We are happy to tell you! A key characteristic of TOM is that we prioritize the various unique selling points within the company. These USPs indicate where the strengths lie within TOM and how we are a successful addition to your organization.

TOM has its own distribution centres with a stocked, long-tail assortment. By focusing on niche markets, we can put together a long-tail assortment and meet the demand for very specific brands and product types. That is why we do not take part of the range but the entire range from our suppliers. At TOM we have an inventory of over 115,000 unique products as of January 2020, which puts us in an exceptional position. With eleven distribution centres of 40.000 m2 respectively, we have this stock under our own management, we can quickly respond with our suppliers and effortlessly keep up with the trends in the market. In addition, this enables us to deliver orders to the customer within one working day.

Within TOM, automation is the central theme. We work hard every day to improve all business processes for optimal efficiency. The automation process has now been implemented extensively within TOM, and this manifests itself, for example, in our automated distribution department. The contact with our suppliers is also automated, where possible. The delivery of product information and prices is done through an API or FTP link. As a result, you have a quick overview of the products that we order, and we can place them on the webshop immediately after delivery. In addition, the finance department works with a completely integrated accounting package. Thanks to this complete automation within the operations, TOM can work effectively and efficiently and respond quickly with suppliers and customers.

TOM has a large number cooperative partners. In no fewer than
28 countries, the long-tail range of TOM is offered through renowned, free online marketplaces. In addition, TOM is a partner of, among others, Bol.com, Amazon, Marktplaats, Blokker, Intertoys, Cdiscount, VidaXL, Kaufland.de, Fnac Darty, Eprice.it, Wish.com, Coolshop.com and Wupti.com. And that works! The combination of our own websites and our cooperative partners leads to a reach of many millions of potential customers per day.

TOM consists of ten departments with professionals within different fields. All these departments work closely together, making it possible to quickly respond to the changing e-commerce market and to immediately implement large and small adjustments. The familial and social working atmosphere within the organization ensures high engagement and motivation of the employees.

Purchasing department

TOM has a purchasing department with professionals with more than 40 years of purchasing experience in the various industries within which TOM operates. With this knowledge, TOM buys high-quality products. The systems are also automated within the purchasing department to achieve optimum efficiency in the purchasing process and to keep a close watch on the performance of your products.

Marketing department

The marketing department performs all offline and online marketing activities. They are an extension of your marketing efforts and collaborate with you about the campaigns to market your products and brands through our channels. There are various options for setting up joint promotional activities during the year. To this end, the department works with diverse promotion channels, both online and offline. All campaigns are put together based on data, in order to achieve the optimal result. By continuously analysing and optimizing the results, the department increases the reach and performance of your products. The marketing department is happy to brainstorm with you about promotional activities for increasing the sales of your assortment.

E-commerce development departmen

Within this department, the professionals work daily to automate and improve business processes. In addition, they optimize the front end and back end of our websites. To realize this, a tailored content management system has been developed. This CMS has been specially built for TOM so that it connects fully with all work processes. This system is optimized by implementing technical innovations and thus also realizing and improving customized solutions for you, for example, through the development of API links and data transfer via e.g. XML or CSV.

Content department

This department places the newly received products on the website via the innovative content management system. The product specialists provide all articles with the right information for the consumer. In addition, they optimize the products for the various online marketplaces with which TOM collaborates. This makes your products immediately visible millions of potential customers per day.

Design department

The professionals in the creative design department create and develop the design of all offline and online marketing communications. With the help of our own design department, TOM always has a specialized team to graphically design brochures and flyers, but also webshops, newsletters and online magazines with the recognizable branding of TOM.

Sales department

When individual or business customers have questions prior to the purchase, the sales department advises them on the purchase process. They provide the customer with product-technical advice and offer the customer assistance with the use of the webshops. Due to the modern communications method, it is possible to speak directly to the customer. The customer themselves chooses which communication channel to use to contact us. This can be done via the live chat on the website, through email or on social media. Within TOM, we strive for the highest possible customer satisfaction. We therefore use the independent rating system KiyOh. Here, our customers rate us with an 8.6 out of 10. We also work with the European Trusted Shops certification. Trusted Shops offers the consumer buyer protection and only issues the certification to webshops that meet the strict European legal requirements. They also use an independent evaluation system, where customers rate us with a 4.54 out of 5. These ratings indicate high customer satisfaction, and we are proud of that!

After-sales department

In this department, the professionals help customers who have questions after placing or receiving the order. They also process return shipments. These are processed within one day and, if approved, refunded to the customer within one day. This department is in close contact with our suppliers, so that warranty requests are handled quickly and adequately. They also have contact with our carriers for questions about the delivery of the order. The after-sales department makes every effort to give a customer with a complaint a positive feeling about the purchase.

Distribution department

The distribution department processes the incoming and outgoing goods. The department has been increasingly automated over the years. Because of this, we have a margin of errors and defects of just 0.3%. In short: 99.7% of orders are delivered correctly. We achieve this through automation around the order and stock status. The fully automated location and inventory system makes permanent inventory possible.

Finance department

The finance department uses an automated accounting package. This is fully integrated into the purchasing, sales, payables and e-commerce systems, making short lines to suppliers and customers possible.

B2B e-commerce department

Our operations within the commercial market are managed by the B2B e-commerce department. This market requires a different approach than the consumer market, we have therefore set up a separate department that is responsible for the performance of our online wholesale, Tom Wholesale Management. The sales manager deploys the online and offline campaigns, maintains the online branding of the webshop, has contact with our commercial customers and, together with the marketing department, design department and the e-commerce development department, optimizes the website for better user friendliness. You decide whether your products will also be offered to the commercial market through our online wholesale. TWM distinguishes itself through its long-tail range and the online experience (speed, simplicity, convenience and service) that is unique in the market. By completely handling things for the retailer, they realize a higher turnover rate for your products.


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